Gabriela floating mono staircase – SSR99

YYCWebmaster52Mono Stairs, Stairs

The Gabriela floating mono staircase is an architectural marvel, meticulously designed to transform any interior into a statement of elegance and modernity. Each step of the Gabriela is masterfully crafted with 2-inch thick treads, enveloping the robust structure in premium hardwood flooring that adds warmth and a natural texture to the design. These treads appear to float, an illusion created …

Mono Staircase – SSR96

YYCWebmaster52Mono Stairs, Stairs, Steel

Discover the epitome of modern elegance with our Solid Maple Floating Staircase—a stunning architectural feature that seamlessly blends functionality with high-end design. This exquisite staircase boasts 2-inch-thick solid maple treads, delivering both durability and a touch of natural beauty. The bold, black powder-coated rods provide a striking contrast, while the robust steel posts ensure a secure and stable ascent. Each …

The Halliday Cantilever Staircase – SSR95

YYCWebmaster52Mono Stairs, Stairs

Built into a brick wall, with a parallel glass rail this modern Halliday Cantilever Staircase is pure craftsmanship.

The Gabriela Stringer Staircase – SSR94

YYCWebmaster52Mono Stairs, Stairs

The maple blank rail sits effortlessly above the 15mm glass; which lets your eye ‘drop’ to the paired solid treads.

The Gabriela Stringer Staircase – SSR93

YYCWebmaster52Mono Stairs, Stairs

The upper section to this design merges the 15mm glass with solid treads. Switching it up for a multifunctional space, the theatre steps flow allowing creative options. This lower level could be used as a reading nook, display shelves or storage area.

The Gabriela Stringer Staircase – SSR92

YYCWebmaster52Mono Stairs, Stairs

Really like light within your space? This glass staircase with glass treads are ever so discrete with the 15mm glass. The white iron rail ‘melts’ into the white walls.

The Gabriela Stringer Staircase – SSR91

YYCWebmaster52Mono Stairs, Stairs

This floating staircase has Oak treads, that float from the wall. The minimal 15mm glass is easy to clean and on the flat flooring has a black spigot, with matching clips securing each neighbouring panel.

The Gabriela Stringer Staircase – SSR90

YYCWebmaster52Mono Stairs, Stairs

White oak continuous rails, pair elegantly with the solid treads. 15mm glass panels let your eye focus on each step — strong horizontal lines going up and down the staircase.

The Gabriela Stringer Staircase – SSR89

YYCWebmaster52Mono Stairs, Stairs

A clean, simple look comes together with 15mm glass allowing the solid maple treads to be the statement here.

The Reza Mono Stringer Staircase – SSR88

YYCWebmaster52Mono Stairs, Stairs

Comes together with 6mm glass, which is made taller by combining an iron rail, black iron rod and square standoffs. The solid treads and landing are framed by the exterior window.