Edren Floating Stair

Aesthetic appeal and engineering efficiency

The Edren floating stair is an elegant architectural feature that combines form with function, creating an unobtrusive connection between the floors of a modern home.

Bringing your idea to life

These miniature stair models are a remarkable showcase for customers looking to select and customize their home or office staircases. Crafted with precision, the collection features a variety of designs from mono to floating stairs, each intricately detailed to represent actual, full-scale installations.

These 3D printed replicas serve as a tangible portfolio, allowing clients to explore and choose stair designs that combine aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. They exemplify modern engineering capabilities, highlighting the seamless integration of design and technology.

The models underscore a promise of quick installation, with the potential for these unique stair designs to be installed in just one day, revolutionizing the traditional construction process. Perfect for architects, interior designers, and homeowners, these miniatures are not only tools for visualization but also a testament to innovative construction techniques in the digital age.


unique design options


The Edren consists of a series of solid maple treads, each 2 inches thick, crafted with precision to appear as though they are effortlessly suspended in air. These treads are stained to perfectly match the surrounding flooring and railing, providing a seamless aesthetic flow throughout the space.

The staircase’s railing system is equally striking, and can feature a top rail of square, blank, solid maple that is stained to complement the treads and the overall design of the staircase. This rail sits atop sleek, powder-coated metal posts, which are not only supportive but also enhance the visual appeal of the stair. The use of 6-millimeter tempered glass further accentuates the floating sensation, with the transparency of the glass panels ensuring an uninterrupted view and the continuity of light within the space.

Supplied as a kit by Spindle Stairs and Railings, the stair system is designed for efficient installation, boasting a one-day setup time. This is made possible by the inclusion of detailed 3D printed models, which provide a comprehensive preview of the finished structure. These models dictate the precise positioning for glass, cable, or rods, allowing for a fast and flawless assembly. By eliminating guesswork and potential errors, the stair kit streamlines the installation process, providing a practical solution without compromising on design quality or the bespoke nature of the staircase. It’s an epitome of modern engineering meeting aesthetic elegance, resulting in a functional art piece that elevates the interior design.

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