What IS A Mono Stringer?

A Modern look with infinite possibilities

It is a distinctive modern look with a blend of materials creating eye-catching details and unique shapes.

A single central steel supports the stair stringer, with numerous options available to incorporate wood, wire, glass, or metal into the stair structure.

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Bringing your idea to life

These miniature stair models are a remarkable showcase for customers looking to select and customize their home or office staircases. Crafted with precision, the collection features a variety of designs from mono to floating stairs, each intricately detailed to represent actual, full-scale installations.

These 3D printed replicas serve as a tangible portfolio, allowing clients to explore and choose stair designs that combine aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. They exemplify modern engineering capabilities, highlighting the seamless integration of design and technology.

The models underscore a promise of quick installation, with the potential for these unique stair designs to be installed in just one day, revolutionizing the traditional construction process. Perfect for architects, interior designers, and homeowners, these miniatures are not only tools for visualization but also a testament to innovative construction techniques in the digital age.


unique design options

Mono Straight Stair with Solid Maple Treads
Mono Steel Stair with Glass Railing
Wood Mono Stair with Horizontal & Vertical Cable Rail


The Mono Stringer Staircase is a modern and contemporary design that allows a lot of natural light to filter through the space. Whether a new build, or home renovation, this style is certainly a statement piece!

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